All about getting married in Vegas

There is a sprawling town in the center of the desert, on the west coast of the United States, where tourists visit enjoy exhibits, shopping, nightclubs and restaurants, and where the rich and famous travel to throw down stakes in world class casinos.

The wedding capital of the planet. You probably know it as Las Vegas.

It is now the destination for lovebirds to elope and the ideal place for brides to stroll down the aisle without weeks of pre-wedding planning anxiety; or for unconventional couples to exchange a historical church to get a more romantic chapel, or maybe a trendy resort suite. And now pick up some legal weed! The state of Nevada has legalized recreational weed so not only can you go and get married there, you can burn the herb afterwards with no fear of incarceration! How incredibly civilised.

Part of this town’s charm is in supplying the best freedom of choice, ranging from using an Elvis impersonator officiate your wedding day, to deciding upon a luxury resort to host your ultimate wedding soirée.

Once we visited under the advice of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, we watched that a plethora of potential wedding places. Virtually every resort has its own wedding chapel, and of course the prosperity of independent ones sprinkled around town. But beyond this, the town provides many wonderful additional spectacular locations to state “I do”.

Inside, both traditionally decorated chapels function as another magical alternative.

The wedding bundle ($22k) comprises the chapel service, miniature reception for 30 guests, also a harpist and three-night remain in a penthouse suite along with other comforts.

Other packages delivers a two-night remain in a salone and dinner in Sensi or Circo.

The Millennium wedding bundle and also The Bellagio Wedding package can also be available, while the choice to wed on your hotel package begins at just under a grand.

The wedding suite is for its unique and very modern couple. Purposefully designed with no conventional aisle and service seats, the bride walks down a hallway and into the primary area where the ceremony occurs, where her guests and groom will be awaiting.

Additionally, the package includes two separate lounges to your bride and groom to prepare in. Following the ceremony guests could mingle on the patio or in the primary area that brings itself to a lavish cocktail reception place.

The Grand Canyon is a place that is in fact intended for only you and your own love. The bride is literally whisked off her toes because she embarks on a helicopter journey into the Grand Canyon – a mere 45 minutes away from The Strip.

The travel provides a really up close and personal experience with a few of the seven natural wonders of the Earth, while orange and red stone formations form the background of their all-important wedding photographs. This is a trip of a lifetime whether you are getting married or not!

This option is for all those who want a really private wedding service or who would like to elope, as just six people are able to ride at the helicopter, in addition to the pilot.  Sundance Helicopters provide wedding packages including a minister, flowers, cake and refreshments, professional photos and a movie and a limo service right up to the runway!

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